Behind Theo Martel’s reserved aura is a metal-loving dude from Antique who has worked on hit tracks under major record labels, for the biggest names in Philippine showbiz. Even in the electronic music industry, his colleagues regard the quality of his tracks as one that meets international standards, but you’ll never hear him brag about it. He simply lets his work do the talking.

UNCOVR sits down with the music producer and arranger to figure out what makes THE Theo Martel tick.

Manila is a long way from Antique and I’m sure that the music culture there isn’t the same as it is anywhere else. Can you tell us a bit about your musical background and roots?

My interest in music started back in 2008. My grandmother gave me a guitar and I taught myself how to play it. I became interested in metal because of Slipknot.

Eventually, I started watching videos on YouTube about electronic music, downloaded a DAW, and learned how to make house, since it seemed like the easiest to make.

How did you get into producing music, specifically electronic music (from being into metal)? Are there elements of metal that you’re able to integrate to your work?

When I first heard dubstep, I got really inspired to pursue music. One of my biggest influences is Skrillex and listening to him made me realize that I wanted to do the same.

There are some elements of metal that I’m able to use in electronic music like the one that I used in my track with Curse & Bless called, “Monstra”. But, ultimately, it depends on the song that I’m working on.

Who are some of your influences when it comes to music?

My influences in the international scene are Skrillex, Deadmau5, Virtual Riot, and Zedd. On the local side, I really look up to Slapshock, Typecast, and Franco.

What’s the biggest project that you’ve worked on to date?

My first biggest project is Inigo Pascual’s,”Dahil Sa’yo” [which was nominated for 3 categories in the 30th Awit Awards – Best Performance of a New Male Recording Artist, Best Pop Recording, and Song of the Year].

*Theo Martel has also worked on projects with Hashtag (Star Music), Enchong Dee (Star Music), Jolina Magdangal & Vice Ganda (Star Music), Boyband PH (Star Music), Awra Briguela (Star Music), Gimme 5 (Star Music), Young JV (Star Music), Elmo Magalona (Universal Records), Yheen and Yuki (Viva Records).

What are some advices that you can give to anyone who wants to pursue music production?

Just keep practicing. Make sure that you really like what you do, and stay inspired.

What’s next for Theo Martel?

I want to be a known arranger, but at the same time, I also want to make a name as a producer. But, I get shy sometimes, especially when it comes to talking to other people.

Find more from Theo Martel in the links below:

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