BASS N’ BACON is back and on the second installment of the event series, the team brought their free booze, free bacon, banging music, and crazy antics to the South! Last August 19, party-goers came to Stoned Bar and Grill in their best costumes to break their necks and indulge in one cholesterol filled night.


The night’s line-up included BSTRDPRNCE, DZ SVG, MC Boo, VELLE, Zot, Alexis Manuel, Santelmo, MC Crookx, MRKIII, MC Dan, Keela Dominguez, Jet Boado, BVSSFACE, Nicky Montes, MC Kappo, Pae Dobles, Monti Comia, Nick Hernandez, DJ Spoiled, Borhuh, Calvin Felipe, with surprise performances from Zelijah, MC Chunk, and John Dee of Sora Nation.



The BASS N’ BACON team upped the ante by partnering with Jagermeister, Smash Brother’s Barbershop, Kontrabrand, and Sembrandt Philippines. From an abundance of alcohol to merchandise giveaways and free haircuts, everyone made BASS N’ BACON x South a truly unforgettable experience.



Did we mention that there was also unicorn-horse-donkey pinata named, “Richie D’Horsie” at the event?



So, where do you think the next BASS N’ BACON will be? Tell us in the comments below and who knows, the team might just bring it there! *wink* *wink*



Don’t forget to follow BASS N’ BACON on social media for the event photos and to get the latest updates on the event.


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