If there is anyone in the scene who can give fool-proof advice on DJing, it’s definitely Mark Nicosia. Being the Director of the DJ Department at Bounce Electronic Music & DJ School, rest assured, his wisdom is backed up by years of practice and experiences.

UNCOVR.co chats with the Ais Nicaution and we asked him how to guarantee a prime time set for your future gigs.


  1. Those lights on the Master is how Turnt the people are! Keep it on Red.
  2. If you’re the warm up DJ, check out Billboard and Beatport top 100 and play all those!
  3. Doesn’t matter if tracks have BPM disparity, sync will do the job.
  4. If you’re the warm up DJ, make sure your last song is less than a minute.
  5. If you’re playing Pick-up, go ahead and repeat tracks, people enjoyed it during Primetime, they should enjoy now.
  6. Doesn’t matter if you can’t speak, it’s always going to sound cool if you have the mic.
  7. It’s not considered a good set if you don’t stand on the equipment table. Even if you’re playing in a pub or a sweet sixteen, get up there!
  8. Jesus pose, means you’re busy and not taking requests
  9. The best time to pee is when the next DJ is early. Just tell him to set up already. Take your time, jingle and mingle.
  10. You have to play the National Anthem before your last song. Cinemas do it, so you can be a celebrity too!

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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