The biggest color music festival is back and more vibrant than ever! When Strix Inc. announced adding the elements of colored water and paint to their tradition of throwing different shades of color powder at Chroma, fans have been talking about what to expect for this year’s event. Chroma Music Festival co-founder, Jayson Sia, talks about the journey and the innovative ideas that they’ve prepared for this year’s festivities.

What made you decide to add colored water and paint for CMF 2017?
The festival industry in the country has suffered from many obstacles last year and these adversities have made us feel very challenged. However, coming up with another event regardless of those issues is an “ALL or NOTHING” kind of situation, that’s why we’ve decided to give them the best experience that we could offer.

How can you say that having these three elements can change the industry’s standards when it comes to music festivals? Once we promise, we deliver. We don’t just add paint and water here. What we’re trying to do is to give them the BEST PARTY EVER. It was a tough decision for us. Reaching out to the market nowadays is not that easy. Some are already hesitant due to the cancellations of the big event companies here and others are even traumatized due to last year’s incident. We want to have the attention of the ravers and tell them that the game is not yet over. There is a lot that they can still experience. We all know that having a paint and water festival may not be new, but rest assured that what we have to offer will definitely have people saying that it is a must-try.

Chroma has been dubbed as the biggest powder toss countdown in the Philippines for its first installment, aren’t you guys scared that the brand’s reputation might be affected? We are very grateful for the outcome of last year’s event. Of course we will still focus on having the biggest powder toss countdown every year as we want it to become a tradition but we’re still trying out new things. I guess the challenge now is how to be the BIGGEST, WILDEST Color Music Festival in the country.

Some are saying that the event is something that you can compare to a dish called “Chop seuy” – mixed vegetables in one dish? (Laughs) No. It’s a buffet! Having great music, the biggest powder toss countdown, and the most amazing wet party in one event. Oh, plus the love of giving the Filipino ravers/music enthusiasts this kind of experience at a very affordable price… need we say more? I guess not!

Is Chroma competing with the other festivals? No. Because if you really want to be the best, you don’t compete with the others. You compete with yourself. We’re competing with the success that we had from last year

Who are your headliners? As of now, we’ve only revealed HeadHunterz, Jonas Blue and Dyro. I cannot disclose the names but we still have three headliners left.


Having 6 international DJs for only 1200Php and 1500Php? How can you guys earn money from that? For us, making money out of it is just a bonus . Our main goal is to give a great show to everyone. This is not just about the money. It’s about the love that we have for the Filipino festival goers.

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