Stolen Shots is a creative group that specializes in events and commercials. Their professionalism and work ethic during events is extraordinary, but they never forget to enjoy. Whether it be doing a photo shoot at a crowded mall in Makati, covering a small event in Ortigas or providing coverage for massive festivals across the nation, they show that if you really love what you do, you’ll never consider it as a job.


What made Stolen Shots stand out from the rest is their forte of making memorable, eye-catching aftermovies, along with the ability to deliver it efficiently. The group consist of 23 members and, depending on the size of the event, most are present. You’ll know right away that it’s them, not because they are wearing a uniform, but through their ability to capture the perfect moment. Sometimes you’ll see 8 to 12 of them rushing from the back to front of the house like ninjas just to get the perfect photo.

Why are there so many of them? Unless you’re Naruto who can do the Kage Bunshin technique and multiply himself,  to navigate a drone as they stick a GoPro in the center of 15,000+ ravers and dolly-shooting a performer on stage isn’t a one man job.


Vir Ascabano, Creative Director and Project Head of Stolen Shots, proves that hard work and team work goes hand in hand. His expansive talents in Video Editing, Photography, Multimedia and Video production has helped the success of Stolen Shots and given them opportunities to work with some of the biggest brands in the country.

Event photography is a challenge, but for Stolen Shots, nothing is too big of a task to not be able to deliver. As their tagline goes, “We capture moments. We make memories.”, and we can’t wait to see more of their work.

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