Being the “son of a king” and an influential figure in both the music and art scene, Ron Poe knows exactly what it’s like to be constantly watched by the public eye. From turning up a crowd to managing a business, his innovative reputation is a message that in the industry, image is everything and it’s part of the equation for success.

UNCOVR.CO chats with the Philippines’ hottest Electro EDM and mash-up artist on how to keep a good image online and offline.


Use your story to inspire.

For me, ganito. Everytime I post something, as much as possible, I want to inspire people from what I post. From wearing a pink suit or pink shoes, (in a non-mayabang way), you can look good, feel good, and inspire at the same time. Just like the time when I lost weight, it inspired me to wear better clothes and to better my health, which I then shared on social media.

Never stop learning.

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and closeupOn DJing, I want to show that if I can do it, you can do it better. We all have so many avenues that we can use to share what we do everyday. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and et cetera.

Show them that you also have to spend money before making money.

Also, keep showing that you are trying to learn everyday, even though the people around you already know how. It will inspire more people because even if they see/know that you know it all or if they feel like you know it all but suddenly show you still want learn and innovate everyday, it will give them the hope to keep trying.

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  1. He inspires me everyday. Infact that he’s famous he’s NOT SUPLADO. Anykind of message reply from him makes may day going. I LOVE Ron Poe he makes me believe of the impossible

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