Bassheads rejoice, for today, we have one of the pioneers of bass music in the local electronic dance music scene with us is Mikhail Arce-Ignacio aka Mecha, sharing his thoughts on various areas such as DJ-ing and  his memorable experiences.


DJ sets can be unpredictable at times, specifically when it comes to the technical aspects. Care to share your thoughts on how to prepare for the unforeseeable?

Technical difficulties during performances can be inevitable at times. Nearly every venue has a different equipment configuration and there are countless setups a DJ can have from using time codes, USBs, turntables or controllers. One thing that has prepared me in dealing with technical difficulties is my curiosity in the different types of setups available. Im quite the tech geek and experience in different platforms from analog to digital has given me the knowledge to troubleshoot different situations and isolate problems as they arise. It’s a basic principle that a lot of DJs overlook. You need to know how to check under the hood aside from having the ability to race the car.


There is another part however to dealing with technical difficulties during a set aside from troubleshooting and that is keeping the crowd going. Now with this aspect, nothing has prepared me more than my experience joining and judging different competitions. When you’re battling it out, it’s a whole different pressure level from performing in clubs. All eyes are literally on you, scrutinizing your every move. Your nerves are so rattled that it’s almost impossible not to make a mistake or two. So what happens when you trip? You can’t let it derail your entire performance. You shouldn’t even let it look like it’s getting to you. You have to let it slide and salvage what you have. Did one channel die out? Scratch the next track in. Miss your cue? Try flipping the next buildup. You gotta make up for letting the crowd down and pick it up twice as hard, most of the time by doing a trick so amazing that they forget you even made the error. And the rare times when there really is nothing you can do about the gear? Well that’s what the MC is there for. Otherwise, you may have to gather the guts to get on the mic yourself. Most occasions, if the crowd was already having fun in the first place then they’ll give you their patience because they know the party isn’t over.

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