With the rise of delectable treats in the bakeshop of music, there is one that we just can’t get enough of and his name is Muffin. Hailing from Cebu City, Kenneth Carpina, is making waves both locally and internationally, with his take on songs like “Never Gonna Catch Me” and “Nobody’s Better”. He has been recognized by some of the biggest YouTube channels for Trap and Bass music. His music has been racking up views and gaining quite a fan base compared to most of the young producers in the scene.

UNCOVR.CO caught up with Muffin to find out more about how he manages to stay fresh in an industry full of sweets.

How did you come up with the stage name “Muffin”?

I guess it sounds cool. It’s easy to remember and pronounce unlike my former stage name, KTVNES, which people would not able to pronounce it correctly.

One of the biggest personal achievements that you have is to have your work/s reposted by Trap City, How do you feel about it?
I felt very amazed and proud seeing one of my works on Trap City. Like, who would have thought right? It’s been one of my goals since day one.

How has being featured on Trap City helped in building your fan base and providing other avenues for exposure a/o growth for your music?
Trap City’s giving you that exposure you need as a music producer. People around the globe giving feedbacks to your track means a lot for us to grow as producers. I guess it would also help you look more professional since huge artists in the music industry are being featured on the channel.

How do you keep up with your supporters?
Being active on social media is one way of keeping up with supporters. As well as responding to comments and sometimes giving feedbacks if I have some huge amount of free time.

What’s next for Muffin?
I got more bootlegs and Official Remixes coming this year and hopefully I will be playing to some shows this year within Cebu. And have some more studio equipments this year!

Check out some of the remixes that Muffin made!

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