What do you get when you put skateboarding and music together? You get Renz Elma. A fusion of two unique, but not too far off cultures, the 23-year old DJ from Lucena City embodies carefree, skater edge and music maker charisma.
UNCOVR.CO chats with the up-and-coming DJ on his two passions and future plans.

How do you put your love for skateboarding and music together?

My love for music is different from my love for skateboarding, music is my passion, while skateboarding helps me think when im all out of ideas. Para siyang yoboi (yosi) and rethgil (lighter), walang pangsindi at walang sisindihan.


What are the similarities and differences of the discipline in skateboarding and DJ-ing?
My discipline for DJ-ing is that I always search for new music or new released music that nobody has heard before. I’m always curious and passionate as to what new music I might discover and what new mix I could come up with. With skateboarding, its not really with discipline, but rather the fun that comes with it. The breeze that I feel, and the sweat that drips on my body, I also consider it as my exercise.

What should people expect from you every time you step in the booth?
Every time I step in the booth people should expect something different; music that is new to everybody’s ears.

Who are your influences?
Didoi Elma (my brother), AK, Jacoo, Mapps, Trampa, Omar Varela, Barely Alive, Porter Robinson, SKisM, Eptic, Zomboy, Taiki nulight, Skrillex.
What’s next for Renz Elma?

With No Ego, WORLD DOMINATION. *dab *dab

Listen to his mix here:

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