Released under Carpe Noctem and ToneDef, Katsy Lee and Marga On The Mic’s “Cosmic” is a track that will get you thinking about late nights, strobe lights, fast cars, and open bars. UNCOVR.CO chats with track producer and DJ, Katsy Lee, about the track, an upcoming music video, and her next projects.

How did the collaboration with Marga On The Mic/MOTM come to be?
Marga is a longtime friend. She’s a talented musician and DJ and an amazing MC. I admire her musicality, lyricism, and style. As much as I love working in the booth with her, I’ve always wanted to write a track with her, so this collaboration, along with having the chance to work with another great friend, Chuck Oreta, for the music video was definitely a dream come true.

What’s the inspiration behind “Cosmic”?
We wanted to paint the atmosphere of certain scenes from our own lives, growing up in Manila and venturing out into the neon air and general tingling excitement of the promise of the night. It’s about the love, thrill, and freedom one breathes in on a night out.

What’s next for Katsy Lee?
“Cosmic” is the first track off my forthcoming EP, “Fluorescent Incandescent”. I hope to release the entire body of work soon, and on the DJ front, play more gigs, learn more skills,  and find out more about myself and the craft. I also hope to work with Marga again soon. I’m super excited for all her coming tracks to be out!! Just hoping and praying for the best, that we may learn more and try to do the utmost we can.

BTS from the upcoming MV

Listen to the track here:

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