Nostalgic and downright beautiful, “Make It Last” is a track that you’ll have on repeat for days and leave you wanting more. UNCOVR.CO caught up with producer, Vince Lucero, and asked him some questions about his collaboration with singer /songwriter, Mikee Misalucha, and the story behind their track.

Tell us a bit about you and Mikee.

Mikee and I are classmates in school. She got me to produce one of her first songs, so that’s how we got close. We were really close friends to begin with, even before we started working on songs together.

How did the collaboration come to be?
The collab happened when i was just randomly making a beat and then, I started flowing. As the production progressed, I realized that it was a song fit for Mikee to sing in. I just had to call her up and tell her that I got something for her. I asked if she was interested. Lucky enough, she was game. So after that, we had a few sessions together for the lyrics, then we recorded her voice. Just like what I thought from the very start, the song really fit her.

What’s the inspiration or story behind Make It Last? Is it based on the 9-part post on your page?
“Make It Last” is about this relationship that was getting real shaky. This girl was unsure of where the relationship is really going, but she’s still hoping that things could work out for the both of them.

Just like in the lyrics of the song, the theme was about this person about to leave and this girl longing and hoping that things will last. This is where we based our marketing strategy. We made nine short stories with February 9 as the final release date, with the photos relevant to the story. Each story revolved around this guy who has a flight and this girl who still wants him to stay. Each story was connected to each other.

Listen to “Make It Last” here:


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