If you haven’t listened to Borhuh and Ferdail Yo’s “Feel My Love”, you should definitely check it out. Accompanied by the lyric video’s trippy and bright visuals, this track will get you thinking about chilling in the beach and meeting your possible summer romance. UNCOVR.CO asks producer, Borhuh, more about his latest project.

How did the collaboration come to be?

Actually, this is an accident collaboration because me and Ferdail Yo were working on a progressive house track, but out of nowhere, we decided to make that track slower and give more of a chill vibe.

What’s the inspiration or story behind “Feel My Love”?
It’s about a typical girl looking for this guy all the time and she immediately falls in-love with him.

What’s next for Borhuh?
I think for now I can’t reveal what I’m working on, but I promise it will be worth the wait.

Listen to “Feel My Love” here:

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