Iloilo City is known as the City of Love, a title that is well-deserved. That moniker translates well into its nightlife scene, where you’ll be treated to different spots like bars and clubs it has to offer. The city has seen a progression in the last few years, becoming even more urbanized, and outfitted with more modern establishments that cater to the public’s rapidly changing interests and tastes. Yet, there is one night place in Iloilo which is growing the reputation, not just within the city, but even in Bacolod, Cebu and Manila, among other places.

That spot is STOCKROOM.

The establishment first opened on August 14, 2015, and eventually closed down a year later.  However, after a few overhauls in its setup and a change in management, it has become what is perhaps the hottest spot to be hang out at, both during weeknights and weekends.  Handled by the likes of Manila-based visionaries, such as DJs Aryan Cruz Magat, Aaron Aw, Redd Santos, Mikko Dy Amorado and JC Rivera, as well as entrepreneurial masterminds like Patrizha Martinez of Chaos Manila, events group West Shadows founder Peej Dasal and Iloilo-based party animal Jayvee Falcis, it has reached great heights of recognition in such a short amount of time.  You only have to look at the photo albums on its Facebook page to see that there’s no shortage of guests and party goers every week.

Adding to the mystique of the place are the resident DJs — Iloilo’s legendary Eric Gella, hip-hop scratch specialist Richie Riich, and bass music producer DIMAS — plus the occasional guest DJs from Manila & Bacolod like Martin Silverio, Mark Mira, Austin Laspinas, Kyla Diamante, The Zombettes, Deuce, Supmerman and Marxx, among others, and it’s no wonder why STOCKROOM is becoming such a popular spot for both tourists and locals — you get something different all the time.

(c) Joseph Perez Granada

Upon setting foot in STOCKROOM, you’ll see that it has a unique aesthetic. It trades the glitzy, glamorous shine of most modern nightclubs and opts for a stripped down, gritty approach which evokes an underground club feel. The music is also different from other establishments, as you’ll get to hear your weekly share of throwback R&B, bumping hip-hop tracks, booty shaking twerk, the hardest trap tunes, and, on occasion, some pretty heavy dubstep.

A new culture has set foot in Iloilo City, and STOCKROOM leads at the forefront.  If you don’t know where to end up at during the weekends, you need not look any further.

STOCKROOM is located in McArthur Drive, Jaro, Iloilo City and is open from all week long from 7PM to 4AM. For more information, you can check them out on Facebook.

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